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Hire a hacker to hack a Facebook account for you. You present us with the Facebook ID or Facebook Url and we will get you the original password and email! 


Requirements: Facebook URL or Facebook ID


Features Overview

Recovery to your Facebook account couldn't get any easier!


Receive Current Password

The password you receive will be the current and original password. If you forget your password within two weeks after task completion, we will provide you an instant password update free of charge


Recover Deleted messages

At InsideHackers, we will be able to recover your deleted facebook messages from up to 240 days ago. Your deleted messages will be sent to you via email in a downloadable PDF


Location Tracking

We offer additional location tracking of your facebook account. With location tracking, you are able to view where you are located based on where a message is received or sent, where you took a picture via facebook, and how long you stayed at an exact access point! Information is sent to you daily via email in a downloadable PDF.



A quick example of the features cannot be so simple


Check order status

You will receive a link to check the real-time status of your task in progress

Payment methods




We accept Bitcoin as a payment method! Please have a bitcoin wallet ready! To find a bitcoin wallet for your country, enter in google: {Your Country} Bitcoin Wallet

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Western Union

We accept Western Union as a payment method! Please download the western union app on your device or go online to Western Union.


Google Wallet

We accept Google Wallet as a payment method! Please download the Google Wallet app on your device.


Never be afraid of hiring IntelHackers as we have many guarantees to keep you comfortable and safe


Money back guarantee

When your hacking task is completed and you are not satsify with the results, we will process you a refund! This makes InsideHackersa risk-free company!



Don't ever doubt the impossible! Results are always guaranteed no matter what the task thrown at us! If the results are not what you expect, money back guarantee


Secure and anonymous

Information never leaves InsideHackers! We make sure the victim is never notify of an attack! Your personal data is secure thanks to our SSL/HTTPS encryption certificate!


Do not submit form if you are not inquiring services! Those who do will be temporarily ban. Payment is required upfront.

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Once your task is completed, we will follow up within a week to give you a chance to write a review and give InsideHackers feedback! Reviews are posted daily at 2 pm EST.


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