Frequently asked questions

How do I hire a hacker from insidehackers?

It is easy. Simply scroll through our featured services and pick the one that best fill your needs. You will be taken to our application form which must be completed and fill out accurately. Once you click submit, a team member will review your application submission and email you an invoice to begin. 

am i safe hiring a hacker?

Yes! We are an official ethical hacking company! We provide ethical hacking services to our customers from around the web! While we cannot define what is legal or illegal, you know you are 100% safe if hiring InsideHackers!

How much does insidehackers cost?

Prices depend on how fast you need your hacking request completed!

How long does it takes to complete my hacking task?

The time it takes to complete your task depends on the pricing packages you choose! Our completion rates runs from as little as 4 hours to as much as a week!

Can I pay by paypal?

Due to money laudering restrictions, we do not currently accept paypal! However, we do have plans to add other payments methods in the future.