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If you ask any regular person
what a hacker is, they will most likely  tell you Someone that messes up computers and gives you viruses”. They  think that it is just like in the movies, where a hacker just pushes a couple buttons on a keyboard and they instantly break into any system in the world that they want. If you think about it, that is ridiculous, but the media is making look like something it’s not. Hacking, in it’s essence, just means: Modifying something to benefit the user. Yep, that’s it. A lot of people will tell you that hacking is only done in cyberspace, but electronics in general are a hub of hacking. A lot of people think hacking is all bad, but that is not the case.

There are 3 main types of hackers:



These are the bad guys; the ones that you hear about on the news. They hack for personal gain, and destroy other people’s computers and networks for fun. This makes up a large portion of the hacking community, because when people hear about hackers on the TV, they think it’s cool and so they try it. There are many other motives that may be the cause of a black hat, such as greed or revenge.



Gray Hat hackers are the people who fall in-between white hats and black hats. They usually won’t go out of their way to be bad, but may do something illegal every now and then. Another difference between gray hats and white hats is that white hat hackers get permission to pentest on a company or website and then they tell the owners about the
vulnerabilities, while gray hat hackers will do it without permission, and possibly even release the exploit to the public.



The good guys! White hats dedicate their time to securing the Internet and making it a safe place for everyone. They are rivals with the black hats, and try to patch up the exploits that they make. Good white hats have years of experience in computer security, and can fix almost any computer problem.

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